The project Nordic Efficiency Model for Electricity distribution SYStems (NEMESYS) aims to develop a common regulation model for electricity distribution in the Nordic region (NordPool region). The goals of the study were to:
  1. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a pan-Nordic regulation model and benchmarking tools viewed in all perspectives of the stakeholders, i.e. customers, society, regulator, owner and distribution system operator.
  2. Identify the most critical factors in cross-border regulation and benchmarking.
  3. Propose a common model for regulation and benchmarking of electricity distribution companies.
The NEMESYS project addressed the project objectives through four subprojects:
    A) Regulatory System Analysis Based on an established methodology for regulatory approaches, a careful analysis will be performed of the interactions imposed by EU regulations and the degrees of freedom in the institutional and industrial setting in the Nordic countries. This phase also includes a forward and outward looking review of regulatory systems, industry performance and the dynamics of industry development and regulation.
    B) Regulatory Mechanism Design
    Based on the structured methodology in (1) development of a regulatory mechanism, a regulation framework that addresses the current and future challenges and that has the potential to accommodate the country specifics in a systematic and objective manner.
    C) Efficiency Model Development
    In parallel with (2), the analysis and development of a performance measurement platform that corresponds to the regulatory standards and information requirements. The process includes estimating the data and processing needs and to demonstrate its applicability in the entire region using representative industry data. The model should explicitly address the horizon, investment and quality dimensions of the service, in addition to operating cost and task complexity.
    E) Synthesis
    NEMESYS will conclude by digesting the results in preceding phases to jointly with Nordenergi propose a Nordic regulatory approach, including the mechanisms, decision rights and information requirements that are explored. The methodology of the phase is based on regulatory dynamics and transition cost analysis to underpin the proposal.
The NEMESYS project is commissioned by Nordenergi and staffed by SUMICSID AB as project leader and EC Group AS, Gaia Group OY, SKM Energy Consulting AS and RR Institute of Applied Economics as project partners.

Some selected research publications by the associates of SUMICSID will be available for download in Adobe PDF and Microsoft PowerPoint format. Nordenergi and Sumicsid AB reserve all rights to their work and all copyright laws apply.



NEMESYS White Paper
Condensed summary of the contents of the NEMESYS proposal for a new pan-Nordic network regulation system.




NEMESYS Subproject A Report: Nordic Network Regulation Systems
An exploratory report on the current status and stakeholder preferences regarding the Nordic electricity network. regulation systems.




NEMESYS Subproject B Report: Designing Regulation Systems
A systematic and innovative study on three new alternative Nordic electricity regulation systems.




NEMESYS Subproject C Report: Efficiency Analysis in Regulation
An in-depth discussion of efficiency models in Nordic regulatory use for the electricity sector, including environmental factors, data validation, quality issues and methodological choices.




NEMESYS Final Report: Towards a Pan-Nordic Electricity Network Regulation

Final report on the new regulation system proposal with its two components derived and discussed in some detail.




Workshop 2 on Challenges in Nordic Regulation 22.04.2005

NEMESYS invited all interested to an open seminar with speakers from academia, regulators and industry on the theme "Means, ends and challenges in Nordic electricity network regulation". Time: 9:00 - 12:30 (+ lunch) Friday April 22, 2005. Place: Fortum, Värtahamnen, Hangövägen 19, Stockholm




Workshop 3 on Efficiency of Nordic DSOs 10.06.2005
NEMESYS invited all interested to an open seminar with speakers from academia, regulators and industry on the theme "Modeling and regulating Nordic electricity distribution". Time: 9:00 - 14:30 (+ lunch) Friday June 10, 2005. Place: Dansk Energi, Rosenörns Allé 9, Fredriksberg, Copenhagen.




Workshop 4: Prospects for a common Nordic electricity network regulation 04.11.2005
The workshop included invited external presentations by among others the Nordenergi chairman Juha Naukkarinen, Prof. Jean-Michel Glachant from Univ Paris XI (SESSA coordinator), Thor Erik Grammeltvedt, NVE, and a panel discussion with regulator, industry, academic and consulting representatives. Time: 12:15 - 17:15 (+ optional lunch 11:30) Wednesday November 2, 2005. Place: Hotel Airport Cumulus, Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland